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Sometimes relationships get stuck, or someone gets hurt and it becomes hard to talk without fighting. When working with couples, I offer a safe, impartial space to help couples to work through issues, to talk, hear and be heard.

Couples counselling is not about taking sides, making judgements or attributing blame.  Instead, I make myself avaliable to facilitate conversation and offer both parties equal opportunity to discuss what is wrong, what brought you to this place, what you will do differently, if you decide to move forward and stay together.

With this style of counselling you will learn to understand and communicate your feelings and needs more clearly, without ending up in arguements. You will learn to listen to your partner and hear how they feel and what they need from you to make the relationship better.

I offer couples the option of on going counsellling in 60 minute weekly sessions (usually six to twelve sessions are required) or an intense 2-hour recovery session to get to the heart of the issue and kick start change.

There is no one size fits all, if you may prefer to methodically through your relationship issues then weekly sessions may suit you best (one 60 minute session is not enough time to do the work required).  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the issues you are facing, then an intense recovery session might be best, followed by some ongoing hourly sessions, although for some the intense recovery session is enough.


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PHONE: 07980 016507 *


* Due to the nature of my work, I can be difficult to reach by phone. For the fastest response, please email me.

When contacting me, to speed things along, please let me know what days and times works best for you for appointments and that you are seeking couples work.



To secure the booking of the first session it must be paid for in advance this can be done via BACS transfer to LA McCarthy, Acc No: 09158135, Sort Code: 09-01-29

To avoid interrupting others, please arrive at your session at the start time and not earlier. I do not have a reception or waiting area to accommodate you if you arrive early.

The session will be 60 minutes long and begins from the start of the session time (if you arrive late, unfortunately I will not be able to run over).

During our first session,  I will ask some administration questions to ensure I have all the background information to continue working together.  I will then ask you about what brings you to therapy.

Towards the end of the session, we will agree together if we are happy to work together, what outcome of the therapy we will concentrate on, and if the work should be short-term (six to twelve sessions) or open-ended.


After we have agreed to work together, our weekly or fortnightly sessions will be held at the same time and date each week and will be 60 minutes long. Your commitment to attending sessions, on the same day each week is an important part of the way I work.


If a session cannot be attended one week's notice is required, unfortunately, sessions missed without one week's notice will be charged at my usual fee. I will always try to find an alternative appointment time if you are unable to give one weeks notice but please note, my practice at times is busy, and re-scheduled appointments are not always possible.